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Player Two

Player Two

            Throughout the span of operating our business we have had the opportunity to work closely with other sin the industry in our area. And as one would think that across all types of businesses that there would be rivalry, you would be right in thinking that it pertains to the home inspection industry as well, but not in the way you would think. See, after we’d been in business for a year or so, another company showed up on the scene, offering the same services, same price, same everything. So neither of us really had anything that made the other stand out, and we wound find ourselves sharing clients. We had no problem with this, and neither did the other company. As we learned of their growth, we began to take notice, and eventually came across the owner of the company, I won’t name names, but their website is www.homeinspectionnwa.com.

Now, I’m not about to get into some tawdry tale of jealousy and revenge, no, instead I found them quite pleasant, and I wound up receiving quite the surprise. It turns out they were a big fan of a particular strategy game that I enjoyed as well. This led to an opportunity that we both thought would be hilarious. We would battle, in the game, and the losers team had to go to their next job wearing shirts with the business logo of the other company. You may say that this sounds completely unprofessional, but at the same time, it’s not an overly exciting job. Having something like this to stir up a little friendly rivalry and make the other look a little foolish was all in good fun.

So one evening, three of our guys and three of theirs got together for the duel of supremacy in this particular strategy game. I was playing the anchor position, with our best guy in the lead, their company owner was leading, and the start was a magical thing. We both established our bases, made our moves, and consumed about a half a case of diet soda in the meantime. After a few hours of going back and forth, it was down to my lead guy, and the owner of their company. Even though none of us others were playing, we couldn’t help but keep our eyes on the screen the entire time.

After much back and forth, it seemed like our guy had theirs on the defensive, but I had to tip my hat, it was a great strategic play that led us into a false sense of supremacy when he turned around and wiped out our guys remaining forces. We could only sit there dumbfounded as we watched him pick the remaining structures apart bit by bit. We went to our next outing with shirts on that read www.homeinspectionnwa.com on them. We lost fair and square, and explaining it to the homeowner who was expecting “us” was hilarious. Just a way to keep ourselves occupied in this world.

Author | qtegamers Comments | Comments Off on Player Two Date | May 25, 2016

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