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            As I left off my last blog post, I was telling you all about the crushing defeat we suffered at the hands of www.homeinspectionnwa.com and some of the readers thought this to be totally hilarious based on some of the replies I received. So let me clear one thing up, just because we love games, doesn’t mean we’re the best at them. Thcropped-yay-917410-digital.jpge defeat was a straight up one, and to the victors go the proverbial spoils. Since that point though, our two companies have come together a few more times in order to play against one another. It’s a pretty cool situation to have another technically rival company that you share so much in common with and have the ability to share passions. It makes for some interesting evenings, and expands our group of friends to include even more, so there are no negatives to the situation that we can think of.

Outside of our gaming world, we continue to bring more home inspections to the area of course, as we need the professional aspect of our service in order to bring more time and finance to our passionate side of things. I’m not sure where the rest of this specific blog post will go, but felt that it was due time to update as I haven’t had the opportunity to get on here much. Moving season has hit, which means that there are a lot of homes in the area going up for sale, which requires a lot of home inspections for both the buying and selling side. We still see the guys from www.homeinspectionnwa.com on site every now and then, often in neighboring houses. We take a little flack from them for being the challengers and then the defeated, but the ribbing is all in good fun.

In our spare time we have all been practicing at that particular game, hoping that further down the line we can challenge them again and this time come out the victors. Evenings spent locked away in our coworkers garage that he has turned into a little gaming fortress. I wonder if our challengers are also doing the same thing. If so, I think we’ll be in for another rude awakening. If they aren’t I believe that the next time we face off against them that we may be around the same level of play as they are, which will make for a longer and even tighter rematch,

It’s good to have something like that in your crosshairs, to have a goal and to work towards it. Professionally we all still get along greatly, but there is this underlying sense that we need revenge, we need to redeem our past losses and make a new standard for our relationship. The next time we challenge them, we will be more prepared, and they will be walking to their next site with our shirts on, simply because I can’t bear to hit another work site with www.homeinspectionnwa.com written on my back.

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